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With Bug Shooting, creating screen captures and sending them to various bug tracking and issue management systems, e-mail, image editing and instant messaging applications is done in a breeze.

Intelligent capture mode


With the intelligent capture mode, it is as simple as never before to capture the screen. You can capture an area, a window, or the full screen, without having to change the capture mode. Try it out, you will love it.


Magnifier supports you during the capture and allow pixel-fine region selection.

Edit functions


Create professional graphics by adding different effects to your screenshots. Add text, arrows or other graphics.

Tools gallery

The tool gallery gives you easy and quick access to frequently used tools. The gallery may be adapted to your needs.

Hide sensitive data

Screenshots sometimes contain secret information (e.g. passwords) that should not be passed on. With the blur tool you can hide such information by blurring them so they cannot be recognized.

Share screenshots

Send to Outputs

Send your Screenshots directly to different applications (Outputs). Bug Shooting supports many Outputs, such as bug tracking and issue management systems, e-mail, image editing and instant messaging applications. Following applications are supported:

Attach screenshots to FogBugz Cases.
Attach screenshots to Gemini Issues.
Attach screenshots to Mantis BT Issues.
Mantis BT
Attach screenshots to Done.Done. Issues.
Attach screenshots to JIRA Issues.
Attach screenshots to Bugzilla bugs.
Attach screenshots to SpiraTest Items.
Attach screenshots to elementool Issues.
Attach screenshots to Unfuddle Messages or Tickets.
Attach screenshots to informUp Items.
Attach screenshots to BUGtrack entries.
Attach screenshots to YouTRACK issues.
Upload your screenshots to Abload.de.
Send screenshots to your Skype contacts.
Attach screenshots to yout emails.
Default Email Client
Open screenshots in Gimp for direct editing.
Attach screenshots to yout Outlook emails.
MS Outlook
Insert screenshots into Word documents.
MS Word
Open screenshots in Paint for direct editing.
MS Paint
Attach screenshots to yout Thunderbird emails.
Send screenshots to an FTP server.
Send screenshots to every Application by using the command line.
Command line

Save to file and print

Of course, you can save your graphics in various image file format and print them as well.

Other functions

Automatic storage

Bug Shooting automatically storage the captured screenshots and the edited graphics in a library. This provides you with quick access to your captures.

Direct storage of screenshots

Bug Shooting provide functions for direct storage of screenshots on the hard drive or for sending these to an Output without editing the screenshot in the editor.

Output API

Bug Shooting provides an API (Application Programming Interface ) for creation of custom Outputs. See the documentation of the Output API here. Learn more...

Free for personal use

The free license is only usable in a personal and non-commercial context. Commercial use of Bug Shooting requires the purchasing of an commercial license.

So Bug Shooting looks...